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I have a great deal of experience in digital design and working with web technologies.  I have been trained in the industry-standard tools and am constantly exploring emerging technologies and alternative methods of solving a design challenge. I am most comfortable using Adobe products, but I am have used many open source tools and can quickly pick up new software. I started coding websites in 1996 out of sheer curiosity of how the Internet worked and have been experimenting with both code and design ever since. Over the years, I have taught myself HTML, CSS, PHP, and ColdFusion. I often spend my free time experimenting with my camera or exploring design trends.  I work well both in a large group and on my own.

I bring both a creative and fresh eye to projects I am involved in, from design to programming, ideation to development, and emerging technologies to troubleshooting and refining existing solutions. I take great pride in my work and will often continue thinking about a design problem until I feel it is as beautiful as possible while still fulfilling its purpose and being simple and pleasurable to use.