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Initially a website, later an app for iOS and Android. The application is a HIPPA-secured health data portal that serves over 230,000 users.

Medical information could be accessed through any device.


I was a the full stack developer on a small team that also included three back end developers and a graphic designer.


We bagan with a competitive analysis of similar products. I was the lead UI developer on a multi-year overhaul that was used by healthcare providers, employers, members, brokers, and internal staff.

I helped developed design guidelines for the entire site, with a specific focus on interactive elements and form fields..

Capabilities of the portal included access to health records, spending visualization, and claim processing. I was also instrumental in implementing large-scale restructuring of information architecture for all digital properties.

The provider search could be filtered by a dynamic range of variables, and viewed either as a list or on a map.

The coding of the site was refactored, transforming the underlying structure to a white-labeled product that was then utilized in different markets under different brands.

Information-dense documents, such as claim details, were translated to a responsive web format.
Native apps for both iOS and Android were developed based off the web app.


Customer engagement increased 30% while help tickets and customer service calls decreased 40%. There was also a 10% reduction in claims processing time. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost savings were seen due to a reduced reliance on print materials.

“Simple to use and saves me time - I stay more informed of my healthcare plan because of the accessibility this app gives me.”
— Apple App Store Review