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Illinois Wesleyan University


Create a collaborative student-generated archive for an undergraduate digital humanities course highlighting important works and movements of the 19th, 20th, and the 21st centuries.

Explore Demo ยป The content of this site is protected under FERPA. A demo of the site is viewable using the username demo and password demo.
The complex information layouts of the site worked seemlessly across any device.


I was the designer and developer assisting the course instructor.


Over 600 articles spanning over 200 years needed to be displayed in either an 'overview' mode or filtered to accomodate individual lessons and research projects. Entries needed to be categories by theme, location, and date. Individual entries would display additional historical context, media, and citations of source material.

Student could browse topics in either the timeline view or on a map.

Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, the site needed to serve as a teaching aid both in the classroom and a remote-classroom gathering space.

Content in the digital archive was generated by students over the course of the semester and encouraged horizontal engagement across the class as it was used for discussion and additional research.


The site was successfully deployed for the academic year, serving to help connect nearly 100 students with the materials covered in class. It was used both in-person and remote with predominately positive feedback from the students.

“The course was set up great! Every professor should set up their classes like [this].”
— IWU Student