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The goal of this projects was to produce an interface that was capable of sorting and visualizing large datasets based on dynamic criteria.


Just me.


My goal was to visualize large amounts of data within a limited space. I intended this tool to offer instant access to information and be interesting to browse. The interface acts not only as the method of accessing information but also as a way of representing the nature of the data within the larger concept.

Sorting entries by name, giving each letter 1/26th of the results circle.

The interface highlights relationships between the data. It is intended that while learning more about characters the viewer is interested in, they discover new relationships of that character to other characters or better understand how they fit into the larger world of American comic mythology.

Code was developed separately from content, so it could quickly be repurposed to suit any dataset.

Entries could also be sorted by gender, morality, date of creation, name, owner, type, or status.

Each entry is represented by name and a color-coded cube that identifies the character's category. Each character has a snazzy image, several paragraphs of information about their origins, powers, weaknesses, and exploits.