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MCH Navigator


The Maternal Child Health (MCH) Navigator is a centralized portal for pursuing continuous learning and is designed to help emerging and established MCH professionals and students map professional growth pathways.

Explore Site ยป Source code samples available upon request.
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I was one of two full stack developers working with dozens of CMEs.


One of the core features of the site is the Self-Assessment. I was responsible for coding account management pages and self-guided short courses that generated personalized learning plans. These courses also tracked increases in knowledge and skills longitudinally over time.

The Self-Assessment dashboard shows a graph of your results and options to review and export past results.

I was also responsible for coding the Guided Search, which quickly lets a visitor filter trainings and customize the results to their specific needs.

Trainings could be filtered using a series of conversation filters.

Once the results are displayed, the user can generate a curated list of trainings and share this list with colleagues or on social media.

Once you arrive at the list of training results, you have the option to save, print, or share.


The Navigator has over 10,000 registered users and sees over 20,000 visitors per year. It has been the recipient of the APEX Award for Excellence based on excellence in graphic design, editorial content and overall communications effectiveness.

“[T]he Navigator currently plays a role in promoting leadership development, supporting an individual sense of agency in professional development and an organizational culture that values and promotes professional development.”
— US Maternal and Child Health Bureau